Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some Midweek Poetry

I think I mentioned that I'm taking a poetry class through my college back in Arizona? Here's a little gem I wrote for my friend from a couple of weeks ago:

A Lady Named Kate

There was a fine lady named Kate
Who wanted a nice tinder date
So she stalked a hot guy
And they shared a mai tai
But it turned out he wasn’t straight

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Catching Up

Oh, life has a way from getting away from us at times, doesn't it! I've been taking some online classes this semester through my community college back home so it feels like I'm doing something towards my career at some stage. (Even if those classes happen to be Art History and Poetry...) I took a trip to Samoa for a wedding, I moved house a few weeks ago... Things have been busy.

So much to catch y'all up on, so little time...

In the mean time, enjoy some mediocre quality pictures (all of which were taken on a good ol' iPhone) of my hometown's wonderful sunsets:

You'd almost think I was starting to miss the Dirty T. 

And maybe I am. Just a little bit.