Friday, February 20, 2015


Lately I've been in a very "woe is me" kind of mood. 

I still hurt a lot from my car accident and it's still so impossible to pay attention in class and be on pain medication at the same time. I had to drop a couple classes because it was too much to catch up on after missing so much school. My face is totally breaking out from all of the stress and that's stressing me out even more. It annoys me beyond belief that someone else's negligence has caused me this much stress and pain. 

I'm still sad that my dog died.

On top of it all, I've been sick almost non-stop these past few weeks with a never-ending cold. (Gracias a Little Guy and my stressed out immune system. Sigh.)

But the thing is, it could be so much worse

It really got me thinking. I guess previous to this whole shebang I had been a huge daydreamer. I would muse about my future career, my future house, my wedding, traveling the world, growing old with Harry Styles........ *ahem* But here's the deal: I wasn't doing a whole lot to make it happen. 

That's the thing with dreams. They don't happen unless you work for them. Funny how that works, huh?


Sometimes you've just got to take the first initial step and go for it. It's hard. It's like jumping into a pool after you've already big toe tested the water and it's actually really freezing cold. It's the courage to get started that's important. The first step is the most important. (Now, I'm not really sure why you'd want to jump into a freezing pool, but hey, maybe the pool only seems scary and cold but it's really actually quite nice when you swim around a little and get used to it.)

(Hey, remember that old claymation Santa Clause film from the 70's? And there's an abominable snowman or something who's learning how to walk? And there's that song that goes "just put one foot in front of the otherrrrr! And sooooon you'll be walking out the doooor!" ?? Just me? Alright.)

Anyways, just this past week I've really made an effort to do some of the things I've "daydreamed" about in the past and holy canoli does it feel like I'm making progress in my life. (In reality, this "progress" is seriously like minuscule, but hey, it makes me feel good.)

Almost makes me want to do something on my bucket list like sky diving!

Then again... Maybe not...

Point is, you can't let crap get you down. Fight back and make your life the way you want it to be. 

Make your dreams happen. 

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  1. He was like a snow wizard or something. His heart melted so he turned good. Problem was he didn't know how to be good. So Kris (santa) told him its easy; you just have to gain the courage to try! Just put on foot in front of the other! That claymation had some deep shit ;)