Friday, December 19, 2014

Things on my mind // aka the post of really cute videos

Finals are over! *commence Netflix marathon* Seriously, though. I am so happy. My professor handed out a 30 page (front and back!) study guide that was just questions we had to look up an answer. This was a couple of days before the final. I was like... "uh.... wat." HOWEVER! Some blessed creature(s) filled out the entire thing and emailed it to the whole class. Like, hello, talk about Christmas Spirit! The whole thing left me so sooooo brain dead and I'm just so incredibly happy to be done for now.

(Woah. Guys. I just had a major deja vu moment. I swear to you I had a dream of writing this post while sitting on this very exact couch watching this very exact TV show. Oh, and I'm not even at home right now, so it's not like something that would ordinarily happen. So. Weird.)

Anyways, this post is basically just the post of really cute videos. It's just so easy to find random videos when you're supposed to be studying for a final, ya know?

Girl Explains How Cow Gets in House

This video is too cute. It almost makes me want a cow. I'm a total animal lover and I think she is, too!

Dog sings to let it go

First things first: how cute is this puppy?! Also, can I teach my dogs how to sing? 

Walmart and Coke Commercial

I dunno guys. Maybe I was just having an emotional day or something but I teared up watching this commercial. Even when I was younger, I would save up my money and buy people presents. I just think that this commercial is so sweet. 

Mom and Baby Try to Take a Nap

If any of you have ever tried taking a nap with a little one, you'll know it's basically impossible. Either way, this funny is both cute and hilarious. 

What's been on your mind lately?

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