Monday, March 30, 2015

March Madness

Tomorrow is the last day of March and I can't be the only one thinking, "how did THAT happen???"

I've been really busy this past month for some reason. It's almost as if a year's worth of my social life was crammed into 31 short days. The car accident crap is still, well, crap. Honestly, it's just something I'd never wish upon my worst enemy. It really just sucks. Otherwise, I'm good. A few gray hairs may or may not be lurking on my head from this crazy month... But, I'm good.

Here are three things that happened in March:

1. Birthdays 

It seems like half of the people I know have March birthdays. What's with that? Not complaining since I never say no to a party, but geez louise, this gal is partied out for the next ten years!

My sister had her "Sweet 16" in the middle of March and that was really fun. It's scary because a.) that makes me like really old and b.) wasn't she just 6 a few years ago?? 

Also, my mom's birthday is at the end of February, but we didn't have a chance to celebrate until March. She also hit a big 'un this year. (I won't say it out loud, but it rhymes with "nifty.") She's in denial.

2.) Gardening Galore

Oh, you know, don't mind me... Just casually adopting the life of a retired person... No biggie. This past year I've actually gotten really into gardening. Maybe it's cuz I'm a biology major. Maybe it's because my mom loves to garden. (Maybe it's Maybelline!) Actually, it's really really relaxing. There's just something about taking care of something that's growing. (Even better when they actually smell nice, too!) Everything has burst into life this past month and I've been one happy camper. A few weeks ago I accidentally spent $90 at the plant nursery. (When I added up the prices in my head, it came up to $60!! Uh, apparently someone needs to go back to the first grade...) Whoopsies. It's all good in the hood, y'all. 

3.) Irish Cooking

Connectin' to muh roots, y'all. In all honesty, this book was on sale at Barnes and Noble a few months ago and I bought it in hopes of inspiring myself to put on my big girl panties and learn how to cook. (Eh... Didn't work so well... But we all knew THAT was coming.) I did make a few recipes before I pitched my white flag in the kitchen and they were actually really good! The steak/mushroom pie recipe in here is to DIE for. 

And I guess that's really it! 

Oh, well, that and the very tragic loss of the University of Arizona in the Elite 8... But we don't talk about that. Too soon... too soon...

Until next time.

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