Monday, November 17, 2014

Things On My Mind

1. Shake it Off // 80's Style

Can we just talk about how perfect that this aerobics routine is for the song? I laughed pretty hard first time I saw it. But you know what the best part about the video is? It was made in 1989, which is the name of good ol' T-Swift's new album, incase you didn't know already. 

2. Audible

I've told you all before that I'm secretly a 40-year-old woman on the inside but holy crap this just brings it to a whole new level. I've been living at home this semester (more on that later) and I drive 45 minutes or so to my classes every day. Instead of just listening to the same songs over and over again on the radio, I've been listening to audiobooks. So, Audible is a monthly subscription service just like Birchbox or Ipsy. It's $15 a month which seems a bit pricy until I saw that the audio book price for what I'm currently reading is $90. (Which is a hellova lot overpriced, if you ask me.) I originally ordered the longest book to get the most out of my money (~40 hours long or so). It turned out to be a great investment, because I am soooooo obsessed with the series AND they're making a TV show on the book series! (More on that later, too.) Win-win for McKenna Lee.

3. Wayfare App

In second grade, we had pen pals somewhere in the Midwest or something. I thought it was THE coolest thing ever. (I wonder if I still have some of the letters?) I was watching the Today Show the otherday (seriously, this isn't the only thing I do, I swear) and there was this lady who was talking about this cool new app called Wayfare. So, basically, it's this app that connects you to a person somewhere on the planet, and you become each other's guides/penpals for the week. The app gives you photo challenges like "something that I look forward to everyday" or "a typical apartment/house in my town" or "something that I love to eat." It's pretty cool; although, sometimes the person you get connected to doesn't respond. It feels a little one-sided in that case. Good thing is that it's super duper easy to ditch that person and find someone who's actually interested in being a penpal! The whole shindig lasts for a week, and then you're matched with another person. The app is free, so there's really nothing to lose. Check it out!

4. How to Get Away with Murder

I watched the first couple of episodes and I wasn't super impressed. It felt like just another ABC drama that would be dragged out over several years even though it slowly went down in quality over the years... *cough* Grey's Anatomy *cough* Well, I'm addicted now, and I almost want to become a law student. Just almost.

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Actually, I just need to get myself a Frank. xoxoxoxox amiright? I may or may not have a soft spot for a little bit of scruff. 

5. Orphaned Otter Learns to Swim

This is just too adorable. I really want a baby otter. Otters have actually always been one of my favorite animals. They're just so FLUFFY. They're almost like aquatic bunnies that eat sea urchins and I just think that's the coolest, cutest, bestest thing ever. 

What has been on your mind lately?

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