Thursday, October 9, 2014

An Attempt at Organizing My Life

Do you ever see a mess of something completely disorganized and exclaim, "That's it!! I can't take it anymore!!!!" And then you spend the afternoon organizing said mess?

Well, that was me this past weekend and that mess was my makeup drawer in my bathroom.

Pretty bad, right?

Well, I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some wire baskets. Long story short, magic happened.

Now we're talkin'.
Not only does everything fit, but my makeup is sorted by function, too. I have lips in once basket, eyes in another, brushes in the long one and all my little compact cases in the square basket. 

Hey, there's my Starbucks card!
Except then I realized that 1.) I have too much makeup and 2.) I needed something else to store it all in.

No tea included. :(
But then I remembered I had this gem! When I was in a dorm freshman year of college, I used this tin I picked up from Goodwill to put my makeup into. When I moved back home, it all sort of transferred back to my good ol' makeup drawer in my bathroom... However, today it came to the rescue! 

So organize. Much clean.
My skin-related products now had a place to call home...

(You guys want to know something funny? Half of those foundations are the lightest shades the line offer; however, I'm so white that I can only wear them in the summer when I'm "tan." Actually, no. It's not funny. It's just depressing.)

After I put all my skin products away, I realized I had quite a few miscellaneous things that I really just didn't have a place for... Soo I put them in the only logical place left: the next drawer down.

Oh, well. I'll attempt that mess next weekend.  

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