Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Although I've had my mind made up for a little while now, I wanted to hold off on posting until everything was set in stone and I had a chance to tell the family that I work for...

So here it goes:

I'm moving to New Zealand!

Wow. It still hasn't totally sunk in yet and it feels weird to say it out loud. (Type it out loud? Type it online?) 

I've always dreamt about all the places I wanted to travel... My travel board on Pinterest probably has the most pins out of any of my boards! In fact, for a brief period in time, I actually wanted to major in International Relations and be a diplomat. Traveling is just something that has always been near and dear to my heart... There's nothing I love more than the thrill of the plane descending into a foreign country; a vast new world in its prime for exploration. 

My new home...
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The only problem? I didn't have time. I want to be a doctor. I'm going to be in school for what seems like the rest of my damn life. I'm going to have a family someday, and before I know it, my life will be consumed with a career and children and a husband and tons of animals roaming around our house. And honestly, who has time for traveling at that point? And then what? I wait until I'm retired? But at that point I'll be poor from paying for my children's education. 

(Can you tell I'm a planner???)

I know I could study abroad. But the thing is, you're so engulfed in studying you don't have a chance to travel. And, oh yeah, it's bloody expensive. I'd have to pay both the tuition of the university I'm at now AND the tuition at the university I'd be studying at. #nothanks 

So when I had the opportunity to go to New Zealand, I figured:

Why not? Life is short.

So here I am in this boat where I'm applying for visas and looking for the cheapest plane tickets and wondering what the bloody hell I'm going to pack to go live in a foreign country... But at the same time? 

I wouldn't change a thing.

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