Monday, May 4, 2015

My Travel Bucket List

Wanderlust: a word near and dear to my heart. Ever since I was a little girl, my adventurous grandma (aka Oma) filled my head with stories or her travels around the world. I have a photo album of the postcards she sent me during her years abroad. She told me when I grew to the height of her boobs (yes, her boobs) she would take me to Paris. I dreamed of eating croissants and meeting Madeline. Of course, this trip to Paris didn't happen until I was a sophomore in high school, but the excitement of traveling and exploring another world never disappeared.

My Pinterest boards are full of pictures of faraway lands and awaiting adventures. If I could, I'd probably go to everywhere in the world I could possibly see. But I'm going to be a little pragmatic and assume that just ain't gonna happen. That won't stop me from making a bucket list, though!

Here are a few places I'd love to visit:


Whether it's connecting to my roots or just the desire to be surrounded my glorious green scenery, I've always really wanted to road trip around England. Cornwall especially has been on my bucket list for ages now. The water is blue like nothing I've ever seen before. (It has to do with the glaciers up north or something, right?) AND THOSE CLIFFS. UM HELLO. Can you say GAW-JUSSS?! And summer time in the English countryside... The smell of the flowers drifting in the air... The glorious rays of sunshine... The light summer breeze... (Basically the opposite of the ring of fire I live in during the summer.) Oh my. A girl can dream. 

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Mmm... Can't you just smell those flowers?? I wish I could just teleport there right now.

Prague/Czech Republic

I had a friend from high school who studied abroad in Prague last summer. The pictures she posted on Facebook were breathtaking. Enchanting, almost. Doesn't it seem like the setting of a fairy tale? I feel like if I went, I'd probably be prancing around pretending I was Sleeping Beauty. (JUST LOOK AT THAT CASTLE. LOOK AT IT!!) Everything is so old compared to the U.S. and it just amazes me how long these buildings have stood there... And hardly anything has changed. They're like the Redwoods of architecture or something! One of my good friends has a pal from the Czech Republic. She speaks fluent czech and travels there every summer. The way she talks about the country is so wonderful... And it makes me really want to visit.

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New Zealand

Oh, New Zealand. Such a funny little place... With funny little birds and people with funny Australian-but-not accents... And sheep. Oh, lots of sheep. (I sure do love sheep.) I'm not sure if it's because of movies like Narnia and Lord of the Rings with the stunning landscapes and breathtaking natural wonders, but I've always wanted to visit New Zealand... I'm not a hardcore outdoors enthusiast but damn I'd try my hardest if I were somewhere like New Zealand. There's just so much to see in such a little country. It may be over 14 hours away (and that's a direct flight from LAX!), but I'll make it there someday.

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Now all I need is an awesome job where I get paid like $500/hour so I can travel to all these places... Someday, someday. Hey, a girl sure can dream, huh?

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